You know, maybe the Danish are on to something...... 

Improving wellbeing in the workplace to increase productivity

Research has been published and undertaken by the FDZ - the Danish Reflexology Association

Danish Study 1 A reflexologist was hired by a Scandinavian airline's cargo department to improve staff morale and reduce sick leave for its 60 employees, resulting in monthly savings of US$3,300. This is what their employees said: “Our work is done through computers and people spending many hours in a chair doing their work, resulting in aching shoulders and back. Since we employed our reflexologist we have experienced a substantial decrease of people being ill and away from work. It has had a physical and psychological effect. There is a much better atmosphere in the department, because the employees feel there is something being done about their problems. Before staff used to stay at home, now we see them go to work anyway because they know they can get a treatment and feel better.” 

Danish Study 2 The Odense Postal District employed a reflexologist for 3 years to deal with employee stress. Two hundred and thirty five employees participated resulting in a 25% fall in sick leave, saving £110,000 and 170 employees reported a good impact on their health.

Danish Study 3 A reflexologist was employed for 6 months. 52 employees (all women) were treated for various ailments. Sick leave fell by 65.9% 97.5% had a positive effect on their primary problem 77.5% had a positive effect on their secondary problem They had a 27.5% reduction in medication. 

Danish Study 4 143 people employed in the council of Aarhus had regular reflexology with the following results: 79% had complete or partial recovery for their primary problem 57% had a positive effect on their secondary problem 30% were more satisfied at work 92% would like to continue with treatments.

Danish Study 5 Telecom Taastrup hired a reflexologist 3 days a week for its 800 employees. 156 employees participated in the survey who received 1056 treatments in a year. 60% of problems were for back pain/muscle tension, headache/migraine, stomach/intestinal problems. The others had problems relating to movement. The survey results were as follows: 40% had their sick days reduced 56% indicated that reflexology had helped 29% indicated that reflexology had partially helped 15% did not help It was concluded that there was a direct economic benefit (due to lower sick days) as well as increased well being and productivity of the employees.

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